Saturday, 28 August 2010

A Little Treasure of Memory and Miniature

Little it may be but this mini table holds a special memory for me. It is as close a match as I think I could get to the full size table that is now in my living room and it took me ages to find one that was such a near perfect copy. The full size one has been in our family for 86 years though it’s exact age is unknown. My granddad brought the normal table (second hand) with his first full wage packet for his mum. He inherited it back and as I grow up all the family celebrations were hold around this table, I remember blankets being put over it and me and my cousins having it as a den and so many rainy days spent sat at it colouring in (something’s haven’t changed). Then my mum had it and now it’s mine. 

My little houses contain many things of simple whimsy but there are a few special pieces that have meaning and this is on of them.
Here is one of my little witches from dettas-darling-dolls who sells on ebay. I think she's eyeing the table up for her new home.

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