Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Spring Dolls House Magazines

 Given that magazines aren't cheap now I'm normally selective and just chose my favourite of the months offerings but there are two times of year, Spring and Halloween where I'm easily tempted by the seasonal offerings. Which explains how I've ended up with all three magazines this month. This is the pick of my favourite articles from the magazines.

Ok this first one from Dolls House and Miniature Scene I have to admit isn't very Spring like but it is Vampire's and who can resist one of them. This is a whole article by Jane Kubiesa giving info on our favourite undead characters and showcasing the dolls of Sara Deck of Memento Mori Stories and LoreleiBlu of Camp Gothic. There is also a great article on the Gothic look and a tutorial on making Gothic candles both by Mol Ali. Spring is also evidence via Easter bonnets and the history of Easter English style which is written by Caroline of Hummingbird Miniatures.

This is from Dolls House World magazine and is a look in the house inspired by childhood memories of the Milly-Molly-Mandy stories by Jane Fiddick. I always love looking in other peoples houses and picking up inspirations I can transfer to my own. This one is so homely, I love the cottage style. Love so much about it but really like the small photo of the hall coats and thinking I need to make some space for outdoor attire. Also loved the Easter showcase showing the various makers and their spring delights. There is also a tutorial for a wire chair by Vera Blair that I want to have a go at.

Finally is this one from The Dolls House Magazine. I totally love the desks made by Caroline Dickens which are featured, everything from a family historians desk to one based on Sherlock Homes. I love desks and I can't think of a house I haven't got one in but I've still picked up loads of inspiration from this article. I now want to make Sir Percival a new desk dedicated to his dinosaur hunting activities, though whether it will end up in Sir Percival's home or the museum I'm not sure. This issue is also packed to the brim with floral and pastel spring looks, I had a hard time picking just one page to show, the Wiltshire cottage feature by Katie Holloway was a shabby chic delight.


  1. I think it is all the things I wished for as a child that draws me to them all now! Gina got me dreaming again by making me a gorgeous Witch, and now I must have more " imaginary" friends and lovely things for them all!
    Wonderful magazine, thank you for sharing! xDebi

  2. Oooooh... So much dolly goodness! Of course, anything vampire or Gothic related is just my cup of tea, but I also love Milly Molly Mandy!! I have some very, very old copies of Milly Molly Mandy books that were passed down to me as a child and they are treasures! I adore the sweet stories and the lovely illustrations! ❤

  3. I adore dolls houses and all the gorgeous miniatures that can be collected to decorate them. I'd enjoy browsing through these magazines, too. Especially the Halloween edition.

    My grandfather made my sister and I a doll's house when we were little. We adored every little thing he'd created in there and I really wanted to shrink in size so I could fit into the house. For some peculiar reason, I though that sitting in it would shrink me, which, of course, it didn't, and I flattened the house.

    I learned two things that day. I'm not Alice in Wonderland and must never sit on houses.

    Have a perfect weekend ♥


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